Freshwater is one of Erie, Pennsylvania’s greatest assets. Lake Erie offers an uninterruptible supply of water ensuring that area businesses and residents will have an ample water supply well into the future.

Lake Erie provides freshwater in great abundance. It is one of the largest sources of easily accessible freshwater in the world. Today, Erie Water Works has a daily excess capacity of 36 million gallons of water. To help attract businesses to the area, Erie Water Works, in conjunction with regional economic development groups offers a combination of competitive incentives. One notable incentive is Erie Water Works’ Economic Development Policy that reduces water rates by 40% for a period of five years from the date of initial billing.

Shrinking water supplies in many parts of the country have made water emergencies a common occurrence. Water supply problems in the southwest are well-known and reaching near-crisis proportions. Droughts in the southeast have led to political battles and major reform efforts.

In Erie, Pennsylvania water is fresh and abundant. If your business is water intensive, contact us about expanding or growing here.

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