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Today many regions across the United States are beginning to face the fact that their freshwater supplies are limited. Water shortages are on the rise, from Charlotte to Atlanta and Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Freshwater is one of Erie, Pennsylvania's greatest assets. Located on the shores of Lake Erie our community possesses an abundance of fresh water and fresh opportunities for new businesses and businesses interested in expanding or growing to a climate that's right for growth. Abundant water, sewer, gas and electricity make it possible for us to support a wide variety of manufacturing, technology, distribution and agricultural businesses.

Our climate is right for business:
  • Clean air and water
  • No traffic congestion
  • A great quality of life
  • Lower labor, real estate and utility costs
  • Access to regional, national and international markets by road, air, water and rail

Opportunities for business development are plentiful, local government is eager to assist and numerous resources are available to help.

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Tap Into Manufacturing
  1. $300 million ongoing investment in water & sewer treatment systems

  2. 5-year, 40% water discount for all new investment

  3. 36 million gallons of excess water and sewer capacity

  4. Will custom build under lease purchase agreement

  5. Direct relationship with workforce providers